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Insuring anything other than human life is called general insurance. Examples are insuring property like house and belongings against fire and theft or vehicles against accidental damage or theft. Injury due to accident or hospitalisation for illness and surgery can also be insured. Your liabilities to others arising out of the law can also be insured and is compulsory in some cases like motor third party insurance.Any insurance which is non-life insurance typically falls under the category of General Insurance. This includes insurance for myriad things including car, fire, travel, household, marine etc. But this is not all. As general insurance pertains to non-life insurance, it also includes Health Insurance, wherein a person insures his and his family’s health against hospitalization due to various unforeseen ailments and growing medical expenses.

Many of us tend to confuse health insurance or mediclaim with life insurance. Though, both of them are vastly different in structure and content, while health insurance primarily caters to your health related expenses until you are alive, life insurance typically means insuring a personís life wherein the returns are accrued due to your death or at the end of the term of the policy. There are various life insurance companies that offer health benefits and packages. Firstly, the health related policies under life insurance companies cover certain critical illnesses. For example, certain private companies that offer life insurance to customers cover about 36 critical illnesses which include heart attacks, stroke, cancer, paralysis etc. Now this in turn means that once a person visits a doctor for treatment, and if the doctor then after diagnosis confirms a serious illness, then on the basis of the doctorís report, the insured will get a lump sum amount from the company.



General Insurance BangaloreGeneral Insurance Bangalore